Sports betting is one of the fastest-growing and most popular trends around the world. Sports betting is a type of gambling that is attaining its stronghold in India in recent years. There are some legal issues concerning betting. However, this business is largely evolving day by day. 

Let us have a look at the reasons for the increasing trend of online sports betting in India. 

Legal Process of Any Betting App In The Indian Market

Reasons For The Rising Trend Of Online Sports Betting In India

  • No firm restrictions on the citizens

Online Sports betting is not illegal in India; however, it is considered unlawful by many. Indian citizens are not restricted from using online betting sites based in countries where sports betting is legal. One condition is that the betting sites must be located in countries outside India, where online betting is legalized. Due to the increasing number of Indians betting on sports online, it is predicted that sports betting will soon be legalized in India. 

  • Increased addiction to mobile phones

Due to the present Covid-19 situation making people sit at home, users invest maximum hours of their day on mobile phones trying to find out ways to pass the time or do something interesting. Indians are more addicted to mobile phones than laptops or computers. Most online sports betting applications are available on Mobiles attracting a large population of Indian citizens to betting.

  • The increasing craze of Cricket and Football among Indians

There has been tremendous popularity and craze for cricket and football in India, which has given rise to online betting for these sports. Indians are very much serious about these two games and indulge themselves completely in these sports. Hence, the major contributors to the rise in the 96Ace trusted online casino sports betting industry are cricket and football. 

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  • Easy way to earn money

It has become one of the most popular and easy ways to earn money through online betting. People are very much excited and involved in cricket and bet to earn higher wins. Also, no such restrictions or laws prohibit online betting; hence, many cricket fans are involved in betting to earn money. 

  • Convenient to use

For online sports betting, you need to have a smartphone and a good internet connection, making it convenient and easy to use. It is also a way to show your support to your favourite team. 

The main difference between casino gambling and sports betting is that, in the latter’s case, the probability of winning is unknown as it can only be predicted. It requires research, patience, and intelligence to predict the outcomes 

Sports betting is considered illegal in countries like Cyprus, North Korea, UAE, Cambodia, Poland, Brunei, and Singapore. There are no such rules in India that impose any fines or prosecution against someone involved in online sports betting, which gives a green signal to Indians to get involved in betting.  

With the technological advancements and innovations, online betting is rising and is expected to increase more in the next five years. These are some of the factors that led to the rise in online betting of sports in India. 


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